Parental Supervision: Not Always Required


It's all downhill from here, kid.

Rule #103: Push Your Child to Join a Gang


Helmut? I don't need no stinking helmut.

Does your little guy still have that weird facial tick and irritable bowel?

He is destined for life’s fringes, good people, but you can help him feel included right now. Gang life usually gets a bad rap because of petty things like extortion, money laundering, fraud, death and mayhem. But it takes a village of young thugs to make all of this happen.

That’s where your son comes in. [Read more...]



Responsibility: You know you have it when your instinct is to pull out the camera.

I’d Give You Anything You Ax For


Just remember, don't run with this thing. Walk slowly, deliberately, and never take your eye of the target.