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Sleep Sense Program Review (What To Expect?)

Sleep Sense Program Reviews

Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program Evaluation

Prior to becoming a mommy, I understood that having kids would indicate sleep deprived nights for a while. But after my son was born, I understood that absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the sleep deprivation I was going to deal with.

As the months passed, I started to think my kid would never sleep through the night.

When I approached loved ones for recommendations about it, I was frequently consulted with the “don’t fret, he’ll grow out of it” response. So, I waited. And waited.

Sadly, my kid didn’t grow out of it. When he was 13 months old, his longest stretch of sleep at night was still only 3 hours. And the only method he would drop off to sleep was by nursing.
The sleep deprivation started to overflow into domesticity

Apart from constantly feeling tired, the absence of sleep was starting to impact my state of mind throughout the day. I would snap at my spouse over the slightest things, and our relationship was feeling the stress.

But worst of all, I began to resent my child and his requirement to be fed round the clock. I was still doing all the diaper changes and feedings, however with no happiness. I realised I was not being the very best mother that I could be for my boy.

At that point, I decided I required aid to get my kid sleeping through the night.

After pouring over many posts about child sleep training, I stumbled across Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program.

When I saw that her online course assured a quick, easy and mild way of sleep training my kid, I was very thinking about what she had to say.

If you are trying to find a sleep training program for your baby or young child, I hope this evaluation of the Dana’s Sleep Sense Program will be useful to you.
In this evaluation I’ll be looking at:

Introduction of the Sleep Sense Program
Is it mild sleep training or does it involve ‘sobbing it out’?
What sleep training techniques does Dana Obleman utilize?
Does the Sleep Sense Program work?
What’s included in the Sleep Sense Program?
Sleep Sense Program rates tiers and is it worth the cost?
The advantages and disadvantages of the Sleep Sense Program
Would I advise it to other parents?

Overview of The Sleep Sense Program

Sleep Sense is a sleep training program for babies and toddlers (6 months– 5 years) that was produced by Dana Obleman.

Dana is a baby and child sleep specialist who has appeared on U.S. nationwide television, radio talk shows and major papers. She’s been a sleep consultant considering that 2003, and is extremely experienced in the field.

Her 100% online program offers a practical, detailed system to assist your infant or young child sleep through the night. (And taking long, peaceful naps during the day.) You can discover details of the program on

Dana’s methods are based upon one really important principle: to get your child sleeping through the night, she needs to discover to sleep on her own.

So if you’re dealing with issues like: having to nurse or bottle-feed, rock, or offer your kid her pacifier to sleep, this program is for you.

What makes this program different from others is that it reveals you exactly what to do based upon your kid’s age and character.

Dana does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep. That’s why she’s designed Sleep Sense to be a customisable program with different approaches to select from based upon those 2 aspects.
Free Personalised Sleep Assessment

This belief of Dana’s is clear through her initial customised sleep evaluation which she provides moms and dads totally free. You answer 6 basic questions and your assessment is sent to you by e-mail.

If you’re interested in taking the test you can begin it here: Free Sleep Sense Sleep Assessment.
Is it Gentle Sleep Training or Does it Involve “Crying It Out”?

Dana was very truthful and upfront when addressing this question in her book.

Changing a substantial part of your kid’s routine is going to be met resistance. And kids reveal this resistance through crying.

So yes, do expect some tears from your kid if you choose to carry out this program. But Dana has actually also worried that she would never ever ask a parent to leave a child to sob alone for prolonged periods.

Here is her specific action to this concern:

Please comprehend that I will never ever ask you to leave your child to weep alone, nor will I ask you to overlook their weeps. The factor that The Sleep Sense Program is so efficient is that it allows you to develop a plan that you feel comfy with, based on what you understand about your kid.

When I was researching sleep training approaches, I felt that I was not really comfortable with the standard cry-it-out technique.

I was glad to see that the Sleep Sense program had a gentler way to direct my kid to sleep on his own. The truth that the program had methods that enabled moms and dads to be more present with their child really assisted me to manage my boy’s crying.

I’ll admit that it was hard to listen to my kid cry for the first couple of nights. But when I informed myself that this was going to assist him get more sleep in the long term, I understood it was for his own excellent.

Dana Obleman sleep sense program evaluation – baby sleep training courses – infant sleep consultant course
What Sleep Training Methods Does Dana Obleman Use In The Course?

Here is an introduction of the actual techniques Dana uses in her sleep training course. Contrary to common belief, a lot of the work that enters into helping your infant get restful sleep in the evening in fact happens BEFORE bedtime.

She stresses the significance of having a:

Constant sleep schedule– suitable nap and sleep times that are at around the same time each day.
Bedtime regular– a fast and consistent bedtime routine, so your kid understands when to anticipate to sleep for the night.
Teaching your kid to fall asleep individually– methods for helping your child find out to drift off when they need to sleep.

Her program enters into a great deal of information about what a proper sleep schedule and bedtime routine is for different age groups.

In regards to getting your kid to fall asleep and stay asleep, Dana’s techniques are based on one very easy principle: your child needs to find out to fall asleep on his or her own.

That suggests eliminating what she calls “sleep props” (e.g. rocking/nursing to sleep, pacifiers), and putting your kid into her baby crib awake.

Your kid will more than likely spend some time to figure out how to drop off to sleep in this new way. So Dana supplies numerous methods to select from to help you direct your child through this process.

If you feel you wish to be more present with your child during the night, she offers services for that.

And if you feel that your child might need more space to discover to figure things out on his own, Dana provides guidance for you about how to do that appropriately.

She motivates moms and dads to select what is finest based on the kid’s age, personality and action to each technique.
Dana Obleman Sleep Sense Program Review – Baby Sleep training – Toddler sleep training – online sleep training course

Does the Sleep Sense Program Work?

When I researched what parents had to state about the course on online moms and dad neighborhoods, the majority of the evaluations I found stated that the Sleep Sense program works and it deserved every dollar.

Numerous have actually reported that their kids were having much better sleep. And when their kids were more well-rested during the night, that likewise indicated they were a lot better in the day. (The exact same went for mom and dad too!).

For my boy, the very first 3 nights were the hardest.

But by the 4th night, he started to realise that mommy wasn’t to return to the old ways of nursing him to sleep. That was when he had his longest stretch of sleep ever– 7 hours!

On average, lots of parents report seeing improvements by the 3rd night. However obviously, every kid is different.

And it depends on lots of aspects like the kid’s age and if they’re going through any developmental leaps.

For me, when I saw extreme enhancements by the 4th night of trying the methods, I was extremely amazed.

I discovered that the secret to seeing outcomes with Dana’s approaches was to be constant with my kid. So if you’re like me and didn’t see improvements within the opening night, do not quit! Sleep training takes persistence.

In terms of naps, most parents do see enhancements. However, some still report that they battle with naps even though their kid’s night sleep has actually improved.

Dana Obleman Sleep Sense Program Review – Baby Sleep training – Toddler sleep training – online sleep training course.
What’s Included in the Sleep Sense Online Course?

If you’re wondering what’s consisted of in the Sleep Sense Program, I’m going to say in one word: ALOT.

Her leading prices tier program includes 5 multimedia components (in the form of an e-book, videos and personal consultations) to suit different learning styles.

Her lower rates tiers do not have all the components of her program, however we compare the various packages in more information even more on.

I have a look at the 5 elements of her course in a bit more detail here:.

The Sleep Sense Program Downloadable e-Book.

This e-book is generally Dana’s bible for sleep training. And because it’s so detailed, reading the book alone is ample to start sleep training.
Why the Sleep Sense Program works.

The early chapters discuss the importance of having good quality sleep and why it’s essential for your kid to drop off to sleep on her own i.e. why it’s worth the effort.

She offers a great description for the thinking behind her approaches. And I felt that when I understood the why, it was easier to follow-through with the approach itself.
Sleep Schedules and Bedtime Routines.

The middle chapters are classified according to the kid’s age (0-3 months, 3 months-1 year, 1 year and up). Each chapter is likewise “self-contained”, so you can avoid to the chapter that’s relevant to your child’s current age.

For each age group, you are supplied with particular recommendations on age-appropriate sleep scheduling and bedtime regimens.
How to get child to sleep on their own.

It then enters into detailed exact detailed directions for different techniques (based on age and character) to motivate your child to sleep on her own.
Reality case studies.

Throughout the book, Dana also provides reality case studies. I found these useful for putting the theories and approaches into context.

It was also motivating to see that there were other moms and dads going through the precise very same issues that I was dealing with.


14-Day Sleep Video Training Session.

Over the course of 14 days, you will receive daily videos revealing you exactly what to do for each night over 2 weeks. It is likewise tailored to your kid’s age, so it’s not just generalized recommendations.

In addition to thorough “how to” video lessons, Dana also enters into what may have occurred the previous night, how to handle issues that might have occurred and what to expect for naps and night sleep for that day.

If you’re a visual learner, and feel that you would like visual examples of what’s explained in the book, this video training series will be handy for you.


The Sleep Sense Program Telephone Hotline.

Each week Dana spends a couple of hours to host teleconference from parents taking her Sleep Sense Program.

You can hire to ask her any questions about your specific problems. And it can’t get more customized than getting to speak to Dana herself.

If you do not want to ask any concerns of your own you can likewise choose to listen in on the conference call and learn from the questions that can be found in.


Child Sleep Bootcamp Video Recordings.

In these video recordings, Dana explains the most important parts of her book to you in video form.

This choice is fantastic for parents who don’t actually have time to check out, or receive details much better in video format.

She covers her most important topics of her book, consisting of:.

How to help your child carefully adjust to sleeping without sleep props in the quickest way (e.g. rocking, feeding, pacifier to sleep).
How to ensure your child’s environment is ideal for sleep.
What to do when your child wakes in the evening.


TWO Personalized Email Sessions with Dana.

This is rather comparable to the hotline. However if you’re not keen on asking concerns with others eavesdroping, this email format is a great way to get your questions to the Sleep Sense team.

Dana will respond personally to any questions you may have about your kid’s sleep.

Perk Course Content.

At the point of publishing this post, she is also including 2 bonus products in all pricing tiers:.

Benefit Offer 1: “Biggest Sleep Setbacks– Solved!” Video Library.

After reading the book, you’re bound to have “but what if my child …” type questions.

In this video series, Dana takes on most typical questions that parents have when executing the program.

It’s in a troubleshooting type of format, where she answers concerns like ‘what if my child is sick?’ and ‘what if we’re taking a trip?’.


Bonus offer Offer 2: The Sleep Sense Program Quick Start Guide & Workbook.

In this workbook, you are provided blank worksheets to complete about your sleep scheduling plan for your kid. You likewise write your prepare for dealing with bedtime and nighttime wakings.

This workbook really takes you from the “reading and understanding” stage to the “take action” phase.

The visuals of having an organized strategy really assists to internalize what you dedicated to. And in the thick of the training itself, it gives you a quick recommendation guide to what you must be doing.

Also, if your kid has numerous caregivers (e.g. babysitters or grandparents), it helps them to have something to describe if they’re not sure of what to do during bedtime.

Sleep Sense Program Pricing Tiers and Is It Worth the Cost?

The Sleep Sense Program is everything about customizability. And the very same opts for their prices.

Dana Obleman sleep sense program review – baby sleep training courses – baby sleep consultant course.

Examine Latest Prices and Offers.

As you can see from the above, there are 3 various prices tiers to fit various budget plans.

Spending plan Edition: $47.
Gold Edition: $67.
Platinum Edition: $129.

Which Sleep Sense Package Should You Choose?

If you discover well through reading, the Basic Edition is a great alternative since it is really detailed. It has ALL the details you require to sleep train your kid.

However if you’re sleep denied and desperate for some quick responses then the Gold Edition might be a much better suitable for you. I found that I learned a lot quicker from videos than from the e-book.

The Platinum Edition is for parents who are experiencing more complex sleep issues with their kids. In such cases, that direct support from Dana and her group will be an important resource to you.
Is It Worth The Cost?

I feel that you get a great deal of worth for what you pay since there is a lot content in the program.

Among the repeating discuss moms and dad online forums is that Dana’s course is very extensive. Plus, the reality that you can start to see improvements in your child’s sleep within a few days– to me that’s valuable.
12 Month Money Back Guarantee.

Most importantly, Dana provides a 100% cash back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the program for whatever factor, email the Sleep Sense group and they’ll gladly refund what you paid for the program. Here is a screenshot of her guarantee from her site at the time of publishing:.

Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program Review.
How does the Sleep Sense Program compare to other options?

With the amount of support, customizability and materials that you get in the Platinum Edition, it’s practically like having a personal sleep specialist in this program, but at a portion of the rate.

Dana herself charges $995 for a phone consultation and her licensed sleep specialists start at $400 a meeting. As this is outside many parent’s budget plans, the course does offer a more useful way to get assistance which is still personalised to your child’s age and scenarios.

I did some research study on personal sleep specialist prices, and here is how it compares to the Sleep Sense Program:.

Sleep Sense Program Tiers.

Personal Sleep Consultants.
Age 0– 5 years 0– 5 years.

Rate contrast.

Basic Edition: $47.

Downloadable eBook.
Flying Start Guide & Workbook.
Common Sleep Setbacks Video Library.

Phone consultations:.

$ 150-$ 200 per hour.
Gold Edition: $67.

14-Day Sleep Video Training System.
Infant Sleep Bootcamp Video Library.

Plus Basic Edition Content:.

Downloadable eBook.
Flying Start Guide & Workbook.
Common Sleep Setbacks Video Library.

In-home assessment:.

$ 500-$ 800 (typically 90 minutes).

Platinum Edition: $129.

Access to Sleep Sense Telephone Hotline.
Customised Email Support Sessions.

Plus Gold Edition Content:.

14-Day Sleep Video Training System.
Child Sleep Bootcamp Video Library.
Downloadable eBook.
Quick Start Guide & Workbook.
Common Sleep Setbacks Video Library.

Overnight in house sleep training:.

$ 800-$ 2000 per night.

You can examine the various pricing options on the Sleep Sense Program Page.
The Pros and Cons of the Sleep Sense Program.
Pros of Sleep Sense Program.

There are a lot of benefits to this program, but I ‘d like to highlight 6 of the program’s finest features:.
It is gentler than the standard cry-it-out method.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t prepared to follow the conventional cry-it-out technique. So when I found the Sleep Sense Program approaches that allowed me to react to my kid while he was learning to sleep on his own, I was sold.
It supplies age and character specific methods to sleep training.

It actually made sense to me that how you would react to a young 3 month old would be very various from a strong-willed 2 years of age. So I’m glad Dana catered for age and individual differences in her program.

Also, sometimes you might think one technique may work for your kid, however it does not wind up that way. So it’s useful to have different options to select from in this program.
It is very comprehensive.

Dana describes her program as the only resource you will ever require to help your kid sleep through the night. And it’s real.

From the concepts behind her techniques, to more detailed concerns like what to do if you’re taking a trip, it’s all covered in one simple program.
The product is written in very basic language, and is easy to understand.

It’s really practical and provides you an actionable detailed guide on what to do.
It provides the choice of individualized assistance and access to Dana.

You get the option of personalized assistance direct from Dana if you’re having actually made complex problems with your kid’s sleep.
Various prices tiers are used to match various household spending plans.

And as you have a 12 month 100% cash back ensure it makes it quite safe. So if it doesn’t work for your family, you can constantly get a refund.

Cons of the Sleep Sense Program.

When I was researching this program online, I found 2 typical criticisms about it.
Much of the details is not anything you can’t find on the internet.

To a specific degree, that is true. However that can be said of any sleep training program out there. Also, there is a lot contrasting recommendations on the internet, it can be hard to weed out what is valuable and what isn’t. So if you’re not assisted by an expert in your research study, you could be carrying out approaches that may not be helpful.

Additionally, some moms and dads felt that despite the fact that they understood a lot of the concepts of Sleep Sense, having a methodical mentor program helped them to get organized and do something about it.
There is a great deal of material in the program.

Another problem raised was that there was a lot material in the program, some felt it was overwhelming.

To me I felt that this was really more of a positive than an unfavorable since you do get a great deal of worth for what you pay.

It helped that the program was organized in a way that made it easy to avoid to the relevant chapters based on your child’s age.

So I had the ability to glance the contents page to discover the appropriate sections for my kid.

Summary of the Pros and Cons of the Sleep Sense Program.

Gentler than standard methods. A great happy medium between traditional cry-it-out and mild sleep training techniques. Teaches established sleep training principles. If you’re a really well-read moms and dad, you may find some of her information and techniques similar to things you’ve currently continued reading the internet.
Extensive course material. Extremely thorough: covers night sleep and day naps, offers sleep suggestions from birth to young child years, has information about unique situations (e.g. travel). A lot of material. Because the program is so detailed, the quantity of details can be frustrating for some.
Personalized to fit moms and dad learning style, child character, parents’ choices about reacting to their child during sobbing.
Matches lots of age. Offers you with info for multiple age-groups. So if you encounter sleep regressions down the line, you can constantly refer back to the book.
Actionable. Offers really useful and actionable approaches.
12 month guarantee. Has a 100% risk complimentary cash back guarantee.
100% downloadable.
Personalised assistance. There is the choice for customised assistance from Dana herself in the leading prices tier.

Would I suggest the Sleep Sense Program?

The Sleep Sense Program is a detailed, customisable and easy-to-follow program. I would definitely recommend it to any moms and dad who wants to attempt sleep training their kid.

For me, the very best function is that it’s gentler than standard cry-it-out approaches.

So if you’re not comfy with leaving your child to cry for prolonged periods, however still desire a fast solution to your child’s sleep issues, I extremely suggest you provide Sleep Sense a try.

Furthermore, the program isn’t just restricted to one technique of sleep training. It equips you with a variety of useful skills, so that you can adapt it to your kid’s age and character.

And to me, the threat totally free warranty sort of seals the offer. If it doesn’t work for your family, you can constantly ask for a refund. So there isn’t any harm in giving it a try.

I hope that this review has actually helped you learn more about the Sleep Sense Program, and I wish you lots of restful nights ahead!