Rule #96: Allow Your Child to Touch Everything

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What's filthier: my hands, or the scabby Band-Aid I just picked up?

Tactile learning is incredibly important to a young mind.

And if you find yourself in the company of a chimp, sloppy-drunk frat brother or eager child, you’ll notice they possess an impulse to touch and otherwise disturb everything that comes into their line of vision.

Whether it’s the ruddy teat of a pregnant pit bull, the waxy ear hair billowing from grandpa’s ear, or the shiny red dot on the nice Indian woman’s forehead, it all prompts curiosity and screams to be touched and thoroughly explored.

Don’t ever quell this impulse as it will help your child learn, grow and make new and engaging friends.

Sure, some parents will say that allowing your child to touch everything doesn’t establish the proper boundaries he must understand to function in society. But we maintain that boundaries can be limiting because…well, they are limiting. And your child should never, ever have limits placed on him because his luminosity and specialness knows no bounds, at least in this world.

And when he’s a teenager, you might notice his “touching everything” mantra has turned inward toward self-examination and rampant pleasure.

Like, all the time. Maybe even in public.

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Damara June 22, 2011 at 7:27 am

I just discovered this website and LOVE all the rules/advice. It reminded me to keep my sense of humor involved with my parenting.


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