Rule #95: Encourage Your Kids to Take Rides from Strangers

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rides with stranger

Of course the man is nice, Elliot. If he wasn't, would he love Trolls this much?

Gas prices are high.

In fact, you haven’t seen anything quite as high since your college roommate Alfonso figured out how to make a bong out of his kettle drum and the toilet plunger.

But the pain at the pump doesn’t mean you need to feel pain in your wallet, as long as you’re willing to let men dressed as women driving Chrysler LeBarons littered with Slim Jim wrappers chauffeur your next of kin around.

And while you’re saving money on gas and DUI charges, you’ll also rev your engines to these perks of encouraging your kids to take rides from strangers:

No more obnoxious sobriety

Remember that time Jody got upset with you for having “one too many drinks” during your carpool shift? Keep that prude at bay by sending a stranger of your choice in your stead the next time you’re responsible for picking the neighborhood kids up from school.

No more annoying car antics

Counting state license plates is tedious and the sound of feverish texting is enough motivation to drive across the median strip. Save that stress for a stranger.

Besides, who doesn’t love a road trip and meeting new people?

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Silly Dad June 8, 2011 at 11:21 am

My six year old daughter never has trouble getting a ride. Especially when we get her all dressed up in her Madonna outfit and send her off to her pageants. Usually she even brings Daddy back a 6-pack of Bud.


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