Rule #93: Form a Rock Band With Your Teenager

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So, uh, when do the hot babes you promised us show up, Dad?

Your teenage son may not admit it in the light of day, but he thinks it’s very, very cool when you play air guitar to “Running With the Devil” on the Lexus’s steering wheel while you’re driving.

And the part where you grimace like Eddie Van Halen in the throes of a long, finger-dancing guitar-gasm?
Your son loves it.

Sure, he and his buddies already play in a garage band. And they sound pretty good sometimes. They’ve even had a few gigs around town. Girls seem to like them, too.

But know this: Your son is proud to have you as a father, because when you and Eddie V become one in air guitar-ness, you’re showing your son, in no uncertain terms, that you can “jam.” (Note: “Jam” is a word musicians use to describe playing together.)

And because you can jam, your son probably wants to join his band—you know, to give it some maturity (a lure to cougars) and direction (a ride to gigs). He’s simply too shy to ask.

From there, you know what to do.

Even if you’ve only had two lessons on the ukulele and musically doodle on the pennywhistle, so what? Don’t let that get in the way of breaking up your son’s band like a dick-swinging Yoko Ono and forming a groundbreaking father-son rock duo—sort of like the White Stripes, only with far less ability to play actual instruments, write actual music, and hold actual notes without frightening babies and burrowing animals.

This is your time to shine in the rock-n-roll sun, so slather on the lotion of bravado.

Your son will see a side of you—usually a fuzzy, oily backside when you’re shirtless on stage and wearing nothing but pleather chaps—he’ll come to appreciate and, yes, love as much as jamming to 1980s Van Halen songs.

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Shar May 1, 2011 at 5:10 pm

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Shar (Mum On The Run) :-)


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