Rule #105: Ignore Your Child’s Anger Issues


That's not a purr. That's a cry for help.

You’ve probably noticed little Samantha requesting more raw meat with her meals, especially breakfast.

It would be foolish of you to turn down these requests. You see, Samantha is growing, learning and adapting to the world around her, and that world often needs the fuel of uncooked sirloin.

Which brings us to Samantha’s alleged anger issues.

Sure, she has been accused of impaling a neighbor’s American Girl doll with a marshmallow skewer, but that’s only because she didn’t get the biggest s’more. And, yes, your cat Pattycake, once a brazen feline, often sprints from the room when Samantha rumbles in (those kitty headlocks have worn out their welcome). But her bouts of “aggression” are merely being confused with playfulness.

Much like a misunderstood NFL player who might occasionally break a beer bottle over a stranger’s head in a traffic altercation, your child is simply expressing herself and reacting to the stimuli around her.

Just make sure you have plenty of T-bones on hand for Samantha’s lunch, otherwise it could get ugly for Pattycake.

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