The Prom Chaperone

Because no one wants to have to go to prom alone.

Because no one wants to have to go to prom alone.

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Trick or Treat … or Therapy


Well, at least he won't be whining about you taking him around the neighborhood for candy.

Baby Photos are for Babies


Because permanent ink means permanent love.

Source: Funlobby

The Beginning of the End


And it's all downhill from here, buddy.

Just the Two of Us


Only two things in this world are permanent: our hair, and our love.

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Parental Supervision: Not Always Required


It's all downhill from here, kid.



We're not going to play favorites with you two.

Reputable Daycare Provider


They'll even come to your home for pick-up service. (No return delivery though).

Baby’s First Book

babys first book

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a thousand hours of therapy.

“What, we were looking at it for the articles.”



Responsibility: You know you have it when your instinct is to pull out the camera.

I’d Give You Anything You Ax For


Just remember, don't run with this thing. Walk slowly, deliberately, and never take your eye of the target.

The Case for Child Window Locks


Just wait until he discovers matches.

Male bonding

male bonding

Just another father and son outing.

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A Reasonable Shopping Policy

reasonable shopping policy

Seems like a fair deal.

Getting Off Your Ass is Overrated

Responsibility is a drag. Take a stand against it. OK, take a seat.


There are very few reasons to get out of a comfortable chair. This isn't one of them.

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Cigarettes Can Stunt Your Growth

But how many did this guy have?

cigarette dreams

There's a new Marlboro Man in town.

From: TCD

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How to Save Space on the Fridge


This way daddy will never forget your artwork.

From: electrikmouton

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10 Year-Old Supermodel: At Least She’s Pulling Her Weight


At least she's pulling her weight. All 43 pounds of it.

From: Buzzfeed, via Jill Ess

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Role Model

role model

Everybody should have one.

Worst Prize Ever

worst prize ever

How do I make sure I lose?

Cost-effective Hydration

don't drink the water

Don't drink the water. You have no idea where that kid has been.

How to Make a Therapist Rich

how to make a therapist rich

Cause you make me feel like a pony. So good, like a pony.

The Least Popular Bedtime Story

bullet to child

You won't get many requests to read this one.

From: robogeeksy

Birth Control Incentive From Toys”R”Us

pull out and save

This estimate seems low.

From: BernieRunns

The Natural Born Athlete

natural born athlete

His mother's outfit and his father's athletic ability.

The Multitasker


Because nothing should stand in the way of gaming.