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Can Baby Sleep In Dock A Tot

Can Baby Sleep In Dock A Tot

During among your searches for the ideal option to cribs, you might have ended up on the Dock A Tot Deluxe once or twice. Provided its design, you have most likely contemplated– can infant sleep in Dock A Tot?

The most direct answer to the concern of Can baby sleep in Dock A Tot is a rather surprising no, though there is a but connected there too.

While it may appear like a cool little gimmick and something that’s snug enough for the kid to fit in, it’s really a truly huge safety danger in many methods, especially when used as a co-sleeping tool.

Sure the bumpers are branded as breathable, but they’re still a threat for safe sleep according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as co-sleeping isn’t considered safe for your youngster when he’s still a baby.

That’s since co-sleepers are at a higher danger of getting impacted by sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) due to being surrounded by, what are essentially, crib bumpers. These provide a very real threat for a co-sleeper.

Many people put them in the cribs themselves too which is a very big no-no.

This is mostly done because of Dock A Tot’s poor initial marketing campaign which revealed pictures of the item being utilized in such a way.

However, while it is a dangerous item if used in any manner that’s not certified with consumer product security commission (CPSC) standards, this child lounger can still be an excellent method to get your kid to go to sleep or spend time you as long as he’s supervised.
So, Can Baby Sleep In Dock A Tot Safely?

Newborn baby went to sleep in his nest with a pacifier in his mouth covered with white blanket

Can baby sleep in Dock A Tot safely?

Yes, however only if you use it properly, and even then it’s not often recommended thanks to the cumbersome difficulties that the setup positions.

You see, the key to correct infant sleep is to have their crib, cradle, or baby bassinet flat and free of any other things that new moms and dads typically believe is needed.

There requires to be no additional fluff in the form of crib bumpers, stuffed toys, pillows, or anything else that might be identified as “sleep products” because they just increase the potential danger of suffocation.

The mistake I discussed previously in the introduction relates to this due to the fact that individuals over at Dock A Tot made the mistake of showing photos of the baby lounger being positioned in the child’s sleeping location.

This, in turn, resulted in a great deal of brand-new and unskilled parents doing the very same, believing it ‘d assist their newborn sleep easier, however all it did was expose their kiddos to an unnecessary danger that was in fact entirely versus proposed security standards.

While the Dock A Tot itself is being branded as an alternative sleep environment for the child, it’s only suggested to be used outside of cribs and so forth, as a standalone item.

Its main intent was to replicate a womb at first, but while it might be a feeling that the kid might acknowledge, life inside your womb and outside it are quite different as the child isn’t fed oxygen straight and can suffocate in a comparable area without it.

Honestly, it just ends up appearing like a small lifeboat that ironically puts the child in more danger than it avoids.

While it does state that the sides are made from breathable material, you’ll need to bear in mind that pillows are too and pillows are currently prohibited from remaining in the infant’s sleep area due to threats of carbon rebreathing.

This is what many individuals believe is the primary (however unconfirmed) reason for SIDS.

That’s why it ought to be stayed out of infant cribs and most other sleeping environments.

That stated, is it useful for its designated function, for safe co-sleep and bed-sharing with the parents?

Once again, not actually, however it can be if he’s under continuous supervision, something that might be perfect for one moms and dad, however not for the other.

Let’s face it, nobody wishes to be the parent who has to stand guard over the kid while the other simply sleeps rather easily best beside him.

While the idea of co-sleeping might sound fine when a new mother takes a look at it for the first time and it might produce a neat Instagram photo, the great details of requiring supervision when you’re the one who’s meant to be sleeping also honestly makes it seem a bit ridiculous.

Personally, you’re way better off simply using it for relaxing when you want to take a little bit of a breather without jeopardizing your kid’s convenience, and only for brief amount of times while you keep your eyes on your little one like a hawk.

It’s by no implies an essential piece of child gear and should just be used as soon as your child is around 12 months of age, when he discovers how to turn over as soon as he discovers himself in an uneasy position so he doesn’t suffocate.

That’s when the risk of SIDS ends up being practically non-existent.

Realistically, it’s a product that appears to break lots of safe sleep guidelines as it jumbles up the sleep area to the point of really making it more hazardous for your child to be in it.

The same opts for any play backyards, child loungers, and other similar co-sleepers– these must be kept out of those areas too as they’re simply a blockage rather than an useful tool for your kid, destroying his playtime generally.
Why Is The Dock A Tot Such A Big Risk?

lovable newborn sleeping tight on the child sheet

Well, it may look like an extremely neat piece of package as it appears tight enough to keep your child in the right position, however kiddos are slippery little buggers and, when children sleep, they can turn around if they fidget due to a bad dream or something comparable.

That’s where the issues occur as your kid, while still young, doesn’t quite have the capability to turn himself back over and might essentially be suffocated unless you can respond in time, putting the kid in distress.

Depending on how rapidly you respond, there’s the prospective danger of long-term brain damage or even fatal repercussions, something no parent wants for their child and will prevent in whatever way they can.

The material may say breathable, sure, and it very much is, however its tight fit causes carbon rebreathing which is unhealthy and possibly dangerous for your kid.

For grownups, a tight fit would just be a small hassle as they can just move themselves into a more favorable position, but babies can’t really do that by themselves.

Think of it like being stuck in an elevator or a sealed box and then gradually being required to breathe back the co2 that you’ve currently breathed out. It ends up being truly dangerous really quick, especially for their little lungs.

That isn’t the only frightening problem though.

The Dock A Tot isn’t usually the exact fit of the baby crib and it leaves spaces between the outer edge of the product and the slats which, in particular circumstances, can lead to the kid getting stuck in between.

This is why individuals started asking, can infant oversleep Dock A Tot or not.

If you thought the earlier circumstance may’ve been hard for a child to leave, this one’s practically difficult and will result in the worst-case situation, so I beg you to never attempt putting a Dock A Tot in your baby’s baby crib.

Your kiddo will thank you for it.
Exist Ways To Make It Safe?

sweet newborn baby smiling while sleeping being swaddled

Sure there are.

When your baby is still a newborn and he still can’t turn himself over, do not let your newborn sleep inside it unsupervised, and make sure to use it beyond the baby crib.

Wait till he’s capable and his muscles establish to the point where he can turn himself over on his own and then get one to use as a great little small lounge area for him to sit around and relax alongside you.

If you ‘d rather not wait, then assist your little one develop those muscles through tummy time and numerous other exercises that are meant to promote the advancement of fine and gross motor skills (as long as he’s at the best age).

In the meantime, I ‘d recommend you stay with swaddling as it’ll be just as comfortable, but a lot much safer for your child too.

It does require a bit of extra effort, however if you’re looking to reproduce the warm comfort of a womb where your kid will have the ability to sleep comfortably in your arms, then using a swaddle is the next best thing, nevertheless, do not use it when it’s time for the kid to sleep in his baby crib.

If you truly want to find out any other potential methods to utilize it, I suggest speaking to your pediatrician for recommendations, or, even much better, a doula to get more professional guidance.

In searching for the answer to can babies oversleep Dock A Tot or not I wouldn’t think about listening from local mommies.

The potential risks connected to this concern are far too great to just ask anyone for advice.

Sure, there might be cases where moms didn’t have a single issue handling the Dock A Tot, but that doesn’t change the truth that the risk is still extremely genuine– they were just lucky sufficient to not have any issues.

I have actually utilized it, but I was always in the space when it was used, or I mostly used it as a prop to take photos of my boy and hubby dressed up as friend sailors.

I didn’t actually utilize it for co-sleeping as I didn’t want to bother my hubby with needing to supervise me and my child.

If you can see yourself utilizing it for similar functions, I ‘d say it’s a great pick-up, however an optional one so only take it if your budget plan allows for it, otherwise, you’re free to ignore it.

You can make it a safe option too, but that needs awaiting your child to hit among the more significant developmental baby turning points.

At this moment, his fine and gross motor skills will reach a specific level and his limbs will develop into little positioners which he can utilize to turn himself over if he’s stuck.

Till then, this is a product primarily intended to be utilized as a baby lounger and nothing else.

Don’t leave your little one ignored in it or in any comparable item that isn’t a large, flat surface.

If you’re looking for something to help enhance your child’s sleep routines, then this certainly isn’t the right product to do it.

That’s usually done through proper parenting approaches and keeping constant feeding habits, and not through anything that requires to be placed inside a child bassinet or baby crib.
Are There Any Alternatives?

Cute adorable newborn wrapped in vibrant blanket

There are, and those alternatives are most likely currently in your home as they’re some of the most necessary infant products like infant bassinets, cribs, cradles, and the like.

They’re the designated places for your little one to sleep in.

Some of them are just as portable as the Dock A Tot while likewise complying with contemporary safety standards set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSC.

The other alternative choice is the swaddle as pointed out prior to since it’s a lot more portable than the latter, much cheaper, and is safe for the child.

You also get to keep him safely snuggled up in your arms instead of laying him down somewhere which is likewise an option, simply don’t let him out of your sight at any point regardless, because who knows what may take place.

As for the sleeping habit improvement option, I recommend attempting a variety of things depending upon what’s bothering your child.

White noise makers are typically a universal service as it helps produce a soothing sound that assists the infant seem like he’s not alone, permitting him to relax a lot easier and to awaken suddenly a lot less often.

I used one for both my kids and they were a lifesaver. And, they aren’t just helpful for kids!

They’ll assist you out too if you’re somebody who needs to deal with a lot of stress at work, at home, or otherwise.

The other tactic that could work, specifically if your infant space is on the side of the house where the sun hits straight through the window, is to get darker curtains to keep the room as dark as possible so no stray ray hits your ray of sunshine and disrupts his well-earned rest!

Heating units for the nursery might also be the reason your infant gets up typically, so the question isn’t really can child sleep in Dock A Tot, but can child sleep at all?

Heating systems for infant rooms assist keep the room at about the same temperature level year-round, a minimum of the good ones do, and it’s extremely essential that your kid is never ever too cold or too hot as that may introduce an entire other set of issues to your plate.

Nevertheless, if you do get one, ensure it has tip-over defense which it’s safe for your infant and any prospective pets who may try and fiddle around this curious new device.

The tip-over security makes sure the heating unit shuts off if it drops to its side or if it’s covered by a fabric or something similar so it doesn’t trigger an unexpected home fire.

newborn sleeping in a white child nest covered into blanket

On the other hand, the baby-safe features should consist of a fan cover if it’s fan-operated and thermal insulation on the sides so nobody touching it gets burned.

The most ideal one that you can get would be one with several modes of operation, consisting of a cooling alternative.

Lastly, my last suggestion would be to get a humidifier.

The quality of the air in any sleeping area usually plays a big part in the quality of anybody’s sleep, moms and dads and infants combined, that’s why many people are going with humidifiers nowadays.

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Dry air can cause a lot of inflammation and dryness which can interfere with the ability to go to sleep.

This is specifically so for infants who are a lot more conscious any changes that might impact their skin.

Including a little bit of additional humidity to the air can assist remove this.

Do make sure to get one that operates quietly, and, if you want to go above and beyond, discover one that has an integrated infant nightlight for a bit of extra help in getting your kid back to sleep or ones that include a vital oil diffuser.

Do take care of which one you choose however as not all of them are safe for kids.
The Bottom Line

Appears like we’ve figured out that the answer to the concern can child oversleep Dock A Tot is a surprising NO most of the times and that it must exclusively be utilized as a child lounger while your kid is under consistent supervision.

If you’re searching for something to keep your baby in, beyond the crib, think about a routine swaddle over the Dock A Tot instead.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to improve his sleep practices, there are numerous other ways to improve that too with items that don’t need to go in the kid’s bed like humidifiers, white noise machines, baby-safe heating units, and simply making the room darker.

None of these will jeopardize his security and will help both you and your precious little kiddo with many more nights of good sleep!


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